Sunday, June 21, 2009

Benjamonkey and the Squirrel

Many of you may have heard this story.
But for those of you who haven't, these are the facts.
Benjamin is a curious boy. On a bright sunny hot afternoon,
as he was walking home from school, he noticed a squirrel
laying under a tree. He was immediately drawn to the soft furry
creature and decided to reach down and catch it and began
petting it. This all was cute and fun for about a
couple of seconds before the squirrel realized what was going on
and twisted around to chomp down in a viscious bite on Ben's finger.
Ben immediately tried to escape the jaws of the squirrel
but it held on mercilessly as he was shaking his finger vigorously.
After what seemed like endless hours... the squirrel finally
released it's bite and scurried away.
Andersen and Sara quickly aided Benjamin and got him home.
Ben was hysterical and sobbing as big fat drops of blood were
dripping from his injured finger. At home he was assessed and
immediately taken to the pediatrician's office. Everyone seemed
most fearful that Benjamin might have rabies.
He was checked out as rabies free and we were advised that
squirrels don't generally carry rabies.
It's more likely in larger rodents like racoons or possums.
(good to know, right!?)
Because the bite was so deep, they did an xray on his finger to
ensure there was no damage to the bones and he checked out okay.
He was bandaged up and given antibiotics... and we were told to
observe him the next few days in case he starts to grow a bushy tail.
The next chapter of this story happened a week later when
Ben came home from school in a panicked state. He said that when
he was crossing the bridge on the way home he couldn't breathe
and it scared him. He said it hurt and it felt like someone was
pushing on his chest and he couldn't breathe air in.
Of course I was worried it might be asthma.
I don't know much about it and how one get's it -
I always thought it was genetic. So again we went to the dr's office
to check it out. This time we saw another doctor who said it was
more likely anxiety... and it definitely wasn't asthma because
he was able to recover breathing on his own.
Hearing the update of the squirrel story, he was amazed.
He never heard in all his years and fantastic stories of anyone
who had ever caught a squirrel and gotten bit by one.
You'd think this might be more common, right?
Anyway, the diagnosis was that Benjamin was having a
'conversion reaction'.... he was experiencing some subconscous
post traumatic stress from the squirrel encounter.
Just to be sure, he did an EKG and an xray of his heart to check
for anything cardio-pulmonary-like that we might not see.
Ben checked out clear and he got his booster shot for his
chicken pox vaccine. He didn't even cry.
So Brave & So Bold. (Ben's first EKG)

WT Hanes Graduation

You may be thinking 5th grade is a little early for a
Graduation Ceremony.... but it's serious business here.
When kids finish Elementary School, they dress up
as formal as they want/like/can and we spend hours honoring
their accomplishments and the even make a procession through
the hallways one last time for all the underclassmen
(kindergarteners through 4th graders) to watch and cheer them on
to the next big adventure.... Middle School! Andersen sitting at the Award Ceremony....
next to his friend Ahmad and Ndidi smiling up front.
It was a LOOooonnnnng ceremony.....

Andersen was awarded excellence in Mathmatics.

5th grade mom's rejoice!

Celebrating that evening with Grandma and Grandpa Andersen
in downtown Dallas... listening to live Jazz under the stars.

Glad you're back in town Greta! I've missed you!

Sara's Ballet Recital

It's that time of year again...
no, not time for my annual blog entry... Stop thinking that!
Sara had her recital a couple of weeks ago. And as always,
she was beautiful and talented and made us all very proud of her.
Of course there is a lot of preparation: learning the variation,
ordering the costume, dress rehearsals and her favorite part...
putting on make up!

As always - very proud of my beautiful ballerina!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

When in Rome.....

Last weekend, Andersen, Sara, Ben and I followed our cousins up to the Ladner farm just north of the Red River in Oklahoma... a pecan tree farm (not yet in bloom as you can see) that is groomed and fertilized by gentle cows. It was just my brother Troy and I and 7 of our kids. We put them to task immediately gathering wood for a fire.
They all were enthusiastic in making the flames grow bigger and bigger.... in fact, they used up all the firewood in one big flame and had to go fetch some more to sustain the fire for later... LOL.

Nate was especially thrilled about this.... look how he just lets Sara muscle that big long branch... hahaha!

Lots of hard work on the campfire... or was it a bonfire? Is there a difference?

Now comes the ritualistic dancing and chanting around the fire... fueled by sugary soda.

This is why we came. To shoot guns. Troy showed me the proper form for shooting his .44 pistol... and yes, she has a lot of kick.

I think it's as big as my head! very fun and empowering... but grateful for the ear protection.

Awww, cousin sisters: Emma and Sara